Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

I'm happy to see the year end. Although not the worst year ever, it certainly wasn't the best. Here's a recap:

January found us living part of the week at my Mom's, helping out after she broke her arm. SJ's baby shower was during one of the worst storms of the winter.

Febuary - SJ gave birth to MA, our beautiful new grandaughter.

March. A shower, training and doctors seemed to fill the month.

April found us at the roller rink to celebrate HN's birthday.

May- I joined a Garden Club, they let me in brown thumb and all! The doctor found a large lump that turned out to be nothing but a second scare was no fun for either of us. I placed second in the regional Road-eo, shocked alot of co-workers with that. The best was that Mom had her 1st cateract surgery and could see me for the first time in years. I am no longer a shadow on the couch!

June found us trying out camping. Neither of us had been for years and never together. We finally did learn to set up the tent and neither of us killed the other.

July found us at my 1st State Road-eo. I was the second to last contestant of the day. Boy did I embarrass myself. I had a great time, met tons of great people and got alot out of the experience. If I ever get there again I hope to drive rather than compete.

We also found ourselves at a Yogi Bear campground with HN & BM in a thunderstorm. They may never camp again.

August found me 45 minutes from home with my keys locked in the car. AAA finally showed up over an hour later. I got home in time to pick up my friend SK and get back in time for the Garden Tea. We had a good day and a good laugh.

September - Mom had her other eye done and I started having dental problems.

October - I worked - ALOT.

November found us at SJ's for Thanksgiving. She really is a better cook than me. I met KG for breakfast in an unheated restaurant. Saw the Full Monty with JK & SK.

December found me meeting with a distant cousin of FJ's to share genealogy data and I was contacted by the wife of another very distant cousin. We started kids night once a week at our house with the four older grandkids, what were we thinking! The first week was great but after that I found myself yelling way too much. I truely enjoy having them but this house is so small that they have little room for four to play. I'll be trying to find more structured things to do with them. We enjoyed Christmas at PJ's. And for the last week I have done absolutely nothing.

As always we will see the new year in with our friends JK & SK.

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