Sunday, January 08, 2006

Florida ! Yea!

We had kids night on Thursday. I thought we'd try movie night. We spread the comforter out on the floor and they each got pillows and we put in Finding Nemo. That held their attention for all of 30 minutes. Oh well. I did make a rule that they can't play hide and seek in the house. We had cake and sang Happy Birthday to F. The kids all ate just the frosting off their cake. I guess I should just make extra frosting and give them each a spoonful instead of cake.

I woke up Friday exhausted. I thought I'd come home and take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep. We slept in Saturday and I did get a nap too. I have a cold and sinus headache so I guess that is why I have been so tired.

F found us a studio apartment in Florida for the week I have off for under $40 a night so we're going to drive down. I guess I will try to quit smoking again as it is a non-smoking unit and the money I could save over a year would pay for more than half of the trip. I guess I also have incentive to try to quickly shed some pounds. I can't wait for sunshine and warmth! but I do dread the drive.

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