Monday, January 09, 2006


I have been on blogger for just over two hours and have a splitting headache. I posted twice yesterday but the second post does not show up in netscape. It does show up if I use internet explorer. WHY? It makes no sense to me!

So, shaking my head, I decided to make my first picture post. I typed out an entire page about what we did and how we did it and started uploading pictures.

Problem one: they posted to the page in the reverse order that I picked them in.

Problem two: the text did not show up next to the pictures where I wanted it and every time I tried to move it it got worse. So I deleted everything and started over.

Problem three: I tried centering the pics and ......... well you get the idea, I'll spare you a recap of problems 4 thru 1,213. I've given up for right now. Maybe on another day I'll be in different frame of mind and everything will just click.

My kids are undoubtedly laughing as they read this. I picked blogger because anybody could use it. I guess I just proved that I'm not just anybody!

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