Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It Must Have Been the Food

I had quite an afternoon. A fight (between siblings), bad words, bad handsigns, and a tearful paper cut. My younger kids are usually great so it must have been something they ate during the day.

HN and AE both have bronchitis. HN is getting better but AE is still running a low grade fever. F has quite a cold. We're going to skip kids night this week and try and getting everyone healthy again rather than just pass everything around. Kids night hasn't been going so well anyway. I feel like all I do is yell. I've tried having things for them to do but all they seem to want to do when they get together is bounce off the walls.

I still haven't finished painting the bathroom. I thought I'd get the trim done today but JB & BB stopped by. Maybe on Thursday. (Then I will still have the trim that we took down to do but at least we'll be able to get the room put back together.) The shelves for the livingroom came and I still have to paint them and put them up.

I've been bidding like crazy on ebay. I've even won a few things. I've gotten very frustrated with sellers that can't spell. Since when did a shirt and pants become a lot instead of an outfit. Do you really think that six items aka three outfits is a HUGE LOT? If L@@K is in the listing you can be sure that I won't. Listings that state like NWT's should be banned. I will not pay $13.00 for shipping and handling for one baby outfit, I don't care how cute it is. I have quite a few things that I should list. Maybe I'll get one or two up this weekend.

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