Sunday, January 29, 2006

Recap of Last Week

The past week was an emotional roller coaster for me.

On Sunday JB called to let us know that she'd be flying home from VA on Monday. She was quite ill with a respiratory infection and she had found a lump. I assured her that it would turn out to be nothing just like mine.

On Tuesday she went in for a mamogram and sonogram. She came here after the tests. The mamogram didn't show anything but the songram did. The radiologist said that it "didn't look good" and her doctor made her an appointment to have the lump removed at the breast clinic. Because her mother died of breast cancer it makes sense to remove it and be sure. She will have it done next week.

Mom has been having trouble with her teeth and broke off a crown and the two teeth it it was anchored to. She will see the oral surgeon this week.

Mr L. again provided baked goods for the drivers - three different days this week. What a sweet man he is. We all signed a thank you card and I have tried to let him know how much we appreciate it. Drivers who normally do not go into the break room have stopped in and during the time that the extra people are there most of the nastiness that causes many of us to avoid the room seems to be held in check.

I have one parent who is still upset with me. She doesn't feel that I am fair with her child. I have one set of rules for everyone; stay seated, talk quietly and politely, don't take anything out of your tote bag and no eating or drinking. I think these rules are fair, cover pretty much every situation and can be followed by kids at any age. You can't please everyone.

Friday I took a midday run so we went to Mom's for dinner. She hadn't seen I Robot yet so we watched that and had a nice visit.

F and I have been fighting nasty colds this week. MA was mildly sick with a stomach virus. She gave it to S who got very sick. On Saturday, after vomiting all night, she called me to come over. I loved playing with MA all day but felt terrible that S was so ill. When R got home from work he took her to the ER for a shot and fluids and to check the baby. She was feeling much better today.

Today we did nothing and it felt good. Hopefully this week will be better.

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