Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winterguard trip

I took the Jr Winterguard team to Central Square this weekend. Being a girls team they were loud but otherwise good. They had us park all the way out at the middle school so you were either stuck sitting out there on your bus or they had a shuttle back to the show but then you couldn’t get back to your bus until retreat started. They had set up the library as the drivers’ room and for most of the day I was the only one there. They brought me coffee and had the show on closed circuit TV. I went to the gym only to watch our girls and they are very good; so good that they won in their class. Being so close to home F picked me up and we went out for a quick dinner since I couldn’t get back to my bus.

If you've never seen a Winterguard show you should check one out. They only have the space of a basketball court to perform in. Flags, sabres and rifles flying and twirling is quite a site. The best part for me is hours of halftime performences and no football!

The shuttle bus driver turned out to be BM’s regular driver. It seems that he has trouble remembering to sit for the entire ride. As the last kid off he does have a long ride. I will talk to him about wearing his seatbelt to help him remember to stay planted. Otherwise she had only nice things to say about him which made my grandma heart proud.

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