Thursday, March 30, 2006

Naming of the Next Generation

With my interest in genealogy I like the idea of naming children for an ancestor. I am not crazy about naming a child for a parent because it can be confusing. I named my children by picking names from my family tree but I can’t really fault my kids for not carrying on the tradition.

There are plenty of William’s, John’s, Daniel’s, James’ and Joseph’s. Many Mary’s and Marie’s. A few Rachel’s and Sarah’s but my tree is full of unusual names. For boys we can find Kimberly and Ashley which are generally considered girls names. Harvey and Harold, though not unusual are out of favor right now. How about Gordon, August, Jubal, Simeon or Joline? None of them strike you? OK, how about family names as first names, there are plenty of Carlisle’s and Wheeler’s and a Badgley or two.

Girls’ names are more interesting. Tamerson is a name that has been handed down for several generations. Interestingly the first ancestor I find with the name was actually Tamesin. Ruhama lasted three or four generations as did Zipporah. Milantha is unusual, she lived to 102 so maybe it is a lucky name. Arazina, Xenia, Mahala and Gratia I don’t run across much. I even have a great-aunt Relief.

Sometimes I scratch my head when first told what the next grandchild will be named and I through out my own suggestions but I’m pleased with the names my kids have picked, they seem to suit each grandchild well.

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