Sunday, April 30, 2006

Looking for the Positives

I’m glad last week is behind me. By Friday I was just a weepy mess. Circling planes, broken cars, a death, half days and a wounded soldier.

I’ve been very focused on the negatives so today I’m going to try and list all of the positives.

• Friends, family and total strangers have been very supportive. Thanks for the hugs and kind words!
• I had a good visit with Mom.
• The kids loved the balance beam that we set up in the yard.
• I got in an hour of road-eo practice.
• I got to test drive a new bus.
• The mechanics kept me on my own bus even though they only had a short window of time to work in Friday. Thanks guys!
• I turned down an extra trip and feel no guilt.
• Even though I forgot to bring my new plants in they survived the frost.
• I got half of the bed out by the telephone poles ready to seed.
• I went to a baby shower where I had a good time and got to catch up with family.
• John got the water on outside and brought home two loads of compost. Love you!

So maybe last week actually had more good than bad. I guess I’ll have to repeat this exercise the next time I’m starting to feel overwhelmed.

A happy picture to finish with.

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