Friday, April 28, 2006

Mike Is Coming Home

Mike is the son of a coworker. Last night she received word that he has been wounded in Iraq, eight months into his second tour. His mother doesn’t have many details yet; just that he is in critical condition and will be flown to Germany when he is stable. When he is well enough he will be flown back to a hospital in the states. The fact that he is alive is the only comfort she has right now. Her daughter-in-law and grandchild live in a different state so they can only comfort each other by phone.

I have been very fortunate that the war has not had a face for me until now. We have all heard the reports on the news telling us that x number of soldiers were killed or wounded this week, this month, this year. We have been there so long now that I had become numb to these reports. No longer. Now I will see the fear and anguish on a mothers face.

I have had terribly muddled thoughts on the war, I didn’t think we belonged there to begin with but once we were there it seemed wrong to just pull out and leave the Iraqi people to fend for themselves. The troops have always had my support. Earlier this week Brian posted his thoughts on the subject and I was touched when I first read it.

It’s time to bring them home.

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