Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not Much Getting Done Here

The weather has gone south on us. Cold and rainy. I was scheduled to take the sixth graders on their end of the year trip tomorrow but they have postponed it until Monday. Hopefully things will improve by then!

We had four of the kids on Tuesday. They got quite excited about being able to have dinner outside. That was nothing compared to their excitement when we told them that they could catch all of the caterpillars that they wanted! It’s great that they are still young enough to be so easily excited. Right after dinner the mosquitoes came out in force so we didn’t get to stay outside long. Mike is allergic to mosquito bites and swells up terribly. Lizzie is at the age where she has to test your limits – every thirty seconds. John and I were worn out and ready for bed right about the time they went home! I can handle 100 kids a day, no problem but when I actually have to get up and chase them I wear out fast.

On Tuesday, John’s car died. He’s got it running again and we hope it lasts until we get it down to the repair shop.

We had trouble with our wireless connection yesterday and when I could finally get on blogger was down. I spent a whole lot of time getting nothing done.

Got Mom to the doctor yesterday and had a good visit. We even spent a little time sightseeing in a neighborhood near hers that neither of us had been through in years.

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