Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Computer Lesson From A Four Year Old

We had Mike and Alex for a few hours today. They brought a board game but Alex quickly got bored with it. When he is here he wants to play on the ‘puter.

He just turned four but he is very good at online games. Don’t even think about trying to get him to play lapware games, he wants to be online like the big boys. And he can pretty much do it himself. If he’s trying out a new game I’ll sometimes have to read him the directions and then he’s set. He occasionally gets frustrated when he can’t figure out what to do next and neither can I!

I find that the touch pad is a pain in the neck so I use short cuts keys whenever possible and I’m always looking for new ones. The Ctrl, Alt and F keys are my friends.

Today I was about to use the touch pad to help him scroll down so his game would be in the center of the screen. He told me that he could do it himself and proceded to use the arrow key. I’m glad that he’s so smart but now I feel really dumb.

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