Friday, July 21, 2006


Betty Ann and Sue Ellen meet up at their ten year reunion and start chatting.

Betty Ann – “So, Sue Ellen what have you been up to since high school?”

Sue Ellen - “Well first off I went to a very exclusive college.”
Betty Ann – “Fantastic!”

Sue Ellen –“There I met a very rich, very handsome man.”
Betty Ann – “Fantastic!”

Sue Ellen – “When we got married we had 400 guests.”
Betty Ann – “Fantastic!”

Sue Ellen – “We now have three perfect children. The oldest skipped kindergarten.”
Betty Ann – “Fantastic!”

Sue Ellen – “And last year I opened my own business.”
Betty Ann – “Fantastic!”

Sue Ellen – “ I could go on and on about how perfect my life is. So Betty Ann, what have you done since high school?”

Betty Ann – “Well right after high school I attended Mrs. Barbour’s finishing school. The first thing they taught us was to say Fantastic! instead of bullshit.”

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