Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. So what does this mean to me personally?

The Second Continental Congress met starting in May 1775. In June 1775, Congress assumed control of the army and George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief. Congress appointed four majors-general to serve under Washington, one being General Artemas Ward. (My 2nd cousin six times removed.)

In June 1776 the Congress voted on Richard Henry Lee’s resolution promoting independence. Esquire Henry Wisner was the only delegate from New York to vote for the Declaration of Independence. He left Philadelphia before the signing of the document to attend the Provincial Congress in New York. (1st cousin, 7 times removed.)

The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought June 17, 1775 and Daniel Carlisle, my 4th great-grandfather was there. He later made the rank of Captain and had a colorful life that I will write more on in the future.

Other ancestors that fought for my freedom were my 5th great-grandfather, Capt. Anthony Badgley and his three sons, Anthony (4th great-grandfather), George and Stephen who all served in the Dutchess Co, NY militia. Five my six 4th great grandfathers that were in this country at that time of the Revolutionary War served. The three others were; Ananias Wisner (and his brother Adam) with the Northumberland Co, PA militia; William Hall who was born in England but fought for his adopted country in MA; Henry Glover who also served in MA.

Knowing my ancestors were a part of the founding of this country gives today a special meaning for me. So this morning I will reflect on the battles fought and the history that followed. Later today I will celebrate with my grandsons, maybe watch Independence Day or National Treasure. I am sure the neighbors will have more fireworks to light tonight.

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