Friday, July 28, 2006

Kids "Night" Returns

The kids have been complaining about the suspension of kids night for the summer, parties that their parents also attend don't count! Since I'm home from work by 1:30 we decided we'd have kids night in the afternoon on Thursday.

BJ and John brought my glider over from PJ's last week and on it was the old pool we bought for Mike when he was two. John blew it up and we scrubbed it out. The boys promptly popped it Wednesday but John got it patched up.

They had a great time running in and out until one of them spotted an itty bitty spider.

Mike and Liz spent some time being super hero's. Mike lost both of his front teeth on Wednesday. The Tooth Fairy has gotten very generous over the years.

Alex and Nikki. It was unusual for them to pair off this way. She is still an inch or two taller than him (she's leaning in here) but won't be for long.

The pool didn't cool them off enough so they had to have pushpops.

Liz and Alex took turns being cranky. Liz won't play games by the rules which frustrates him. They both thought that we should cater to their every whim and that my rule that the sofa and chair should not be used as trampolines couldn't possibly apply to them. I'd like to start having Sprout over with them but I know these two won't like being the "big" cousins. Mike and Nikki played games together, colored and got along very well.

They finally settled down and made birthday cards for Nana. They had a good time and we enjoyed having them but I was very tired today. Why was it so much easier 20 years ago?

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