Sunday, July 30, 2006

Perfect Day

Today was just perfect. I slept all night and slept in late. It was warm but not muggy. The sun was out all day long. I had to stake several plants that yesterday’s storms knocked down. While doing that I found the monarch caterpillar had been washed down several feet from the milkweed plants so I put him back and he’s back to munching away. I managed to catch up on almost all of the weeding. Hopefully I got all of the poison ivy behind the shed. I pulled several buckets of wild strawberry vines that the weed killer hasn’t touched. The new bed should be ready for seeds by the end of the week. I spent the afternoon going through my seeds and bidding on more. My blue glads have started to open, only they seem to be burgundy! The oswego tea that my sister gave me has already started spreading and the red salvia that I started back in March is finally blooming which should make the humming bird happy. The yard was full of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and toads.

Hopefully the rest of the summer will be filled with days like this!

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