Friday, August 18, 2006

Visitors from Texas

My brother and his family arrived yesterday for a quick visit. They drove up from Texas on their way to take my niece and nephew to their respective colleges in MA & FL. Their van got them here, barely. They broke an axel, the transmission went and something else major went wrong. They'll need a rental for the rest of the trip.

We had a nice visit. It's too bad they live so far away. They've been in TX for 11 years but we haven't gotten down there yet.

SIL & Brother

Guess which school she attends.

In the back my Sis, Nephew, BJ holding Twig. Then Bean (enlarge pic to see her fancy new phone) and Mom.

John with Sprout. She won't smile for the camera but she'll stare right at me for as long as I care to take pictures.

A beautiful smile if she doesn't see the camera but I have to be quick!

Liz was pretty good today. She is facinated by Twig and was rocking him very gently.

I decided this would be a great opportunity to get a pic of all six grandkids together.

I decided to try and get a better picture. When we're taking pictures I will tell the kids to say something silly. This time I called for pizza and they really yelled it out. Poor Twig. Click to enlarge the pic. I picked him up right afterward but I felt bad that we'd made him cry especially since he is such a happy baby.

My sister got out beach toys and let them dig. Wish she'd thought of it sooner. I think if you'd let them they'd dig forever.

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