Saturday, August 05, 2006

What A Week!

I'm glad that I have that behind me. Hot, muggy, and rainy; the weather was less than perfect. Even kids at work were were quiet and droopy.

John's ebay auction ended a week ago today. He only sells to US residents so of course it was bought by someone registered in Sweden who tried to pay and have it shipped to Nigeria. This was the slickest scam we have seen yet and I'll write more when he finally gets things straightened out with ebay. Ebay and paypal both recognize it as a scam but here we are a week later and they haven't let him relist it yet.

BJ got tons of OT this week so the boys were here and had to put up with a tired, hot and cranky Grandma. Of course with with storms rolling through and it being too muggy to get a good nights sleep they were a little on the cranky side too.

On Thursday my motherboard went - again!!! I had it replaced several months ago. I think the computer manufacturers intentionally design to have your product wear out and give you problems when they are a few years old to force you to buy new ones. I do not like change. I liked they way I had things set up. John moved my hard drive to another computer and even though he hasn't got ot working right yet I was finally able to back up most things. You would think that I would have learned that lesson the last time. He is going to try to set me up with a new hard drive and I will have to start all over. UGH. He enjoys doing this, for me it is a nightmare. It's not his fault but he has ended up on the recieving end of my frustration.

Yesterday BJ tried to upgrade to windows xp. Things did not go well. He was still on the phone long distance to some suppport center when Angie dropped the boys off so they could go out for their anniversary. Hopefully they made it to the restaurant on time for their reservation.

The week wasn't all bad. We enjoyed going out to dinner. We did have fun with the boys. The new garden bed is ready, Mike helped me seed some of the center section and I did the rest.The fifth week of summer work tended to make us a little silly. Buses were hidden, other pranks were played, and there was a lot of good natured ribbing. I wish I could work with just this group of drivers all year long. We have all gotten along well and there has been none of the meaness or fights that normally keep me out of the driver's room.

After the boys get picked up this morning we're heading out to our favorite park for some swimming and relaxing in the sun.

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  1. Oh you poor thing! That's wierd the motherboard going AGAIN after such a short time. Surely it's still under warrenty, but what a huge pain! I don't blame you for being cranky, especially with that horrible heat. It was pretty hard to take, wasn't it?
    I have a friend who sold her camera on Ebay and had a bad experience. A guy in Scotland bought it and he turned out to be schizophrenic. She got her money in the end, but it was a real nightmare.
    I hope it all turns out OK for you.
    Swimming and relaxing in the sun...that's the way to go :)