Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunny Sunday

The weather is perfect today. The weather man blew it yesterday. The forcast of sunny and warm turned out to be grey and cool. At least we didn't get anymore rain but I was cold in my shorts! The kids had a good time at Mike's party. BJ and Angie will be eating ziti and cake for the rest of the week, just like me, they always have too much food. Sprout was my little buddy, she wanted me to pick her up as soon as she saw me. Twig wouldn't have anything to do with me, he cried everytime either John or I held him. The other four were too busy running around to spend time with me. lol. When Mike opened his present from us he had the back of the package facing him and got excited that we gave him headphones, which made me laugh. He got really excited when he realized that he also got a CD player to go with them. He'll have to use some of the money he got to go out and get some CD's that he'll like. Bean teased me about my selections. I ask you, who doesn't like Kenny Rogers?

They did say that the rest of the state cleared up much earlier than we did so I hope Kerri's daughter Kylie had a beautiful wedding day!

We had planned to go to the pool today but I think we'll end up staying home and puttering a bit. We have quite a few things to do before the bad weather sets in and I'd much rather get them done on a beautiful day.

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  1. This is sort of new for me, blogging, I mean, but I found myself thinking of a girl in New York, on Saturday. Someone I have never met, but a facinating story and Kerri's blog and gardens are sooo pretty...
    it's really something-the way you never know anyone, yet you know what they are doing and how their family goes!!