Thursday, October 05, 2006

Finally! A Good Day

Things finally seem to be back to normal. Everyone has started riding with me again. They are still very aware of the camera, today they started a silly-face contest for me to review later. It's such a relief to hear laughter again! It was "Super Hero" day at the MS and they certainly dressed for it, I saw lots of red and black capes and a mask or two. ALL of my little kids parents were home and out waiting for their kids today.

Mom left the house today! We went down to the plaza and we both got hair cuts. You'd think that after getting 3" chopped off someone would notice. LOL.

Nikki insisted on riding with me today even though she didn't need to. She misses being on my bus. Is it me or her friends she misses? hmmm. OK, she missed me a little bit. Her quote of the day, "Everything Grandma cooks is good." This was said a half hour before "Peas! I'm not eating peas!"

Alex - "We had a lock down drill today" Me - what did you learn today besides what to do in a lock down?" Alex - "We didn't learn anything, it was a drill."

Mike came over after his homework was done. He and Nikki spent some time playing school. Then he told us what he is learning in math. Mike - "We're doing in box and out box." Me - What's that? Him - "You know, there's a box on top, the in box and you have to find the number that goes in there to make the number for the out box." I thought the new math was hard when my kids went to school! He finally explained it so that even I could understand it. a + 4 = 10; a is the inbox, 10 the out box. Then he had John make him up a math test. I love it when they are still young enough to want to learn.

Liz was pure Liz. She tries my patience to the breaking point and then does a full reverse to sweet little angel. Just when I relax she's back to jumping off the furniture again. She undergoes more testing on Monday. Something about her severe allergic reaction to antibiotics during surgery over a year ago causing the new allergies.

I've even got the flagmen on the waterline project waving and tipping their hardhats :)

Hopefully tomorrow is another good day and then a three day weekend followed by a three day week.

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