Wednesday, December 20, 2006

5 Memories until Christmas

I’ve received many homemade ornaments from students over the years. I remember each child as I hang them on the tree.

So how did I become a school bus driver? I started driving in Akron. My neighbor retired or at least tried to. She kept getting called in as a sub. She asked me to consider it and at the same time a woman in my Home Bureau chapter asked if I would drive. People weren't exactly lining up for a high stress job that paid $10 an hour but only gave you 5-15 hrs a week. I looked on it as community service back then - my kids were walkers. lol. I was fairly certain I'd never learn how to handle something that big, handling kids I've always been pretty good at. Very shortly after I got my CDL license John got transferred back here and my neighbor got called to sub again. After a few years John got transferred back to Buffalo and we moved back to Akron, so all the time they spent training me wasn't totally in vain. I like being back near family but Akron was a wonderful place to live and I miss all of my friends there.

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