Monday, November 13, 2006

Garden, Critters and Shopping

Winter hasn't really arrived here yet. I'm tired of the rain but happy it's not snow. The last of the lily bulbs I ordered finally arrived Friday. I only got half of them in the ground before it started to pour on Saturday. I still have others that I haven't gotten in yet. Every time I start digging I dig up more rocks. Maybe I'll have enough for a nice cobblestone path by the time I'm done. I've pulled out the last of the annuals and put everything away. I put the strawberry jar in the shed. It will still freeze out there but at least it will be somewhat protected.

Something has been digging little holes in the lawn between the house and the garage. I'm hoping it's not a skunk digging for grubs, I'd hate to startle a skunk as I walk out the door in the morning. The moles are digging new tunnels like crazy. Some small critter has moved into the ceiling over the livingroom. I can hear it up there now and then. We have no attic so I have no idea how to get rid of it. John put out poison in the crawl space figuring whatever it is must be traveling up through the walls but so far whatever it is hasn't been interested. We haven't seen any evidence that anything has gotten into the house.

I hate to shop so it's surprising that I've done so much lately. I finally found a new winter coat that actually fits and looks good! I got Liz the Dora Doll that she wants for her birthday. A woman at work told me that the Christmas Tree Shop had something that I've been looking for. She was shocked when I said I'd never been there. So I checked it out. You'd think based on the name that they'd have a large selection of Christmas Trees. I was disappointed. They had already sold out of the item I went there for. I did pick up a nice exchange gift but I really didn't see anything I wanted. I guess mostly because I don't have room for anymore stuff. I headed up to Kohl's and got a nice outfit for each of the grandkids, so I've finally started the Christmas shopping.


  1. I too hate shopping. I don't have much done for Christmas yet. I need to get on the ball!
    It probably is a skunk digging for grubs, but I thought they did it more when we've had a dry year.
    Do you think it'll ever stop raining? I guess it will when it turns to snow, right? Perish the thought! I'm way behind with my garden chores.

  2. OH, gosh, I hope you don't have any critters!!