Monday, November 27, 2006

I got an F !

This afternoon one of my kindergartners got on and held out a paper for me to see. I praised it and told him what a nice job he did. He said it was for me to put on the dash so I did. It is a huge letter F in the center and a little F in each corner :-)

The weather has been great the last few days. Today was cloudy but in the 60's! I may have to rename Snowville but I'm not complaining.

The ladies in my car pool didn't complain about any smell so the car must be getting better.

My tree and decorations are up. This is the first time I got out my snow-globes since we moved and I am sad that the water in one of my favorites has turned orange. Anyone know of a way to fix it? There's no opening that I can see.


  1. Do you ever read Pea's blog, Apple? She has thousands of snow globes, I betcha she would know how to help yours!

    I love your tree!

  2. Hi Apple:-) LOVE your tree!!! As for the snowglobes,if it has no plug, it's a lot tougher to repair. I have one that the water has turned orange too but I haven't attempted to repair it yet! lol You could check with the jewellery stores around you and ask if they repair snowglobes, I know that some do.