Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Apple Whine

My glow plugs won't glow and ether gives me a headache.

I took 1/2 a day yesterday to go to my NP and got a script for an antibiotic.

My kids were good for the sub. Yea! They got tattoos today. Bribery does work.

I missed my safety committee meeting today because I got sent to a different meeting at the last minute. I was told it would last a 1/2 hour; it took 3 1/2. Long meetings that I do not want to attend give me a headache.

So what happens when you miss the organizational meeting? They elect you chairman. I'm not thrilled but I have a lot of experience chairing different groups, I have good public speaking skills and I can keep things organized and on track so I guess I'll do it. At least they'll have to focus on what I think is important to start.

I left at 6 am and got home at 5 pm today. So much for it being a part-time job. Doritos are not a satisfying lunch.

This headache will either get better or kill me. It best pick one or the other quick.

Note to self: If only one lane of the road is plowed the plow will suddenly appear in the unplowed lane when you hit the curve on the hill with no shoulder so be prepared next time.

I've had my reds run more times already this year than in the last 10. Twice today. They are working, I can see them in the mirror. The airhorn gives me a headache.

A push broom works better than a snowbrush.

Our radios are an open frequency. I hope no one was listening today.

Two of my kids are on crutches. Steps, slush, narrow aisle = not good.

Tomorrow I have to take Mom to the doctor.

Thursday I'm going with Bean to take the kids to the doctor.

Friday I go to the dentist.

Whine gives me a headache.

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  1. You will do a good job, I know it!! Chairing a committee is a yucky position, but you are passionate about your kids and your bus!!
    Have you ever tried to report the red runners by writing down the plate #? I would think in your tiny town, it could be a good way to get someone in trouble, right? I mean, not a whole lot of cops on your force, are there?