Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Better Day

I went to Mom's today instead of tomorrow because she had an appointment. Country Girl visits on Tuesday so Mom doesn't usually want me to come until Thursday so she can spread out our visits more.

She can lift my spirits over nothing at all. We talked about the birds and the squirrels. We talked about Christmas and birthday gifts that I still have to pick up for her. We watched out her picture window as a delivery truck tried to back into her neighbor's driveway. I kept her in stitches as I critiqued their attempts. They never did manage it and ended up hauling the new kitchen appliances from the street which caused more laughter as she recalled the times I've parked a bus in her driveway. She was having a very good day and feeling quite independent. She insisted that I just drop her at the door and go shopping and she'd wait after her appointment in the waiting room for me. I shopped and still got back to the office before she was done. She was quite annoyed with me that I didn't go shopping! I had to show her my purchases. lol.

The antibiotics have finally started to work. I had several headache free hours today.

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