Friday, January 12, 2007

Coulda, Shouda, Woulda

I've had a week where I've been continually second guessing myself. I'm pretty good at what I do but there's always room for improvement.

Should I have have called in rather than just drive in myself when my transmission started acting up? In this case it was fine BUT I had no idea that it was a transmission problem, I thought it was the cooling fan. I could have caused thousands of dollars of damage if it had been something else.

I know I didn't handle one radio call as well as I could have and it keeps replaying in my head as I tell myself "you should have followed that up," "you could have done this" or "maybe it would have been better if you hadn't responded at all, as it wasn't your job to begin with!"

Today I had a sick kid. (Why the parents send them when they're sick is another whole topic.) I found him a buddy and sent him in to school before my bus had been dismissed with instructions to head straight to the nurse. He didn't make it and upchucked all over the sidewalk. It's pretty standard to send a kid in early if they aren't well but in this case should I have done things differently?

I knew a car wanted to get around me this morning, the fact that he kept flashing his high beams at me was a big tip off. I didn't have a safe place to let him pass, especially as bad as the road was at that time. I would have gotten him around as soon as it was safe. I should have known he'd pass my reds on the hill at the curve. Should I have tried to get him around me sooner despite the road conditions? Did I endanger my student? Not today, but what about next time?

I'm more than ready for the three day weekend!


  1. I'm so with you on why do parents send their kids to school sick department. I constantly get kids who come to me and tell me this or that hurts. Meanwhile I'll ask them "Did you tell mom?" and the answer is always frustrating. Either they did, and they were sent anyway, or they didn't they just feel it's necessary to complain to only me.:)

  2. I wrote the letter for the stamp! I printed out the form letter and had each one of my family members sign one and sent them seperately.
    Bus drivers are heroes, in my book. When the weather is bad,(snow and ice), my son takes the bus to high school because she is a far better driver in those conditions than this girl!!
    Hugs to you!