Sunday, January 14, 2007

Eeeeek! Mice!

John took the scraps and some water out to the composter this morning and discovered that mice have moved in! There was a dead one on the top and one that ran out of one of the holes as he poured the water in.

As you can see the composter is well away from the house. I had thought about moving it closer for the winter and now I'm glad that I didn't. I have a seperate pile nearby for everything that won't fit and won't attract critters.
If mice have moved in am I doing something wrong or are they to be expected if you add kitchen scraps to the mix? Should I stop adding scraps for the winter? Help!!!

I guess I should have joined the book club a month earlier. :(


  1. What happened with the book club? I thought we were supposed to read that book for Feb??
    The "experts" will tell you that if you are not adding any protein, like peanut butter or meat scraps, you will not get pests.
    I only add veggie and fruit and coffee...!

  2. Veggies, coffee grounds & egg shells, that's all we put in. We do add a fresh layer of leaves when we add anything. Sigh. Maybe it's the egg shells.

  3. Who knows? Is it far enough away from the house? If they are gonna be somewhere, better off away from the house!!

  4. We grow a vegetable garden in the summer time and we always have mice who nest in there and start eating my beets and cucumbers! We trap them by putting peanut butter on a mouse trap...put the trap in a can so no other animals can get in it and place the can sideways near your compost. It's the only way we know to control them. Hugs xox