Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mom and the Eye Doctor

I took Mom to the AMD eye doctor Tuesday. She complained about the same things she complained about back in July when she saw the cataract doctor, it was right in the file. Only she insisted that these problems were new and that she had not! mentioned them before. The nurse put a series of drops in, which she absolutely hates. Then the nurse had to check her eye pressure. I was worried she and the nurse were going to slug it out.

Nurse, exasperated: "I'm not going to hurt you."

Mom: "You may not be trying but it will hurt!!!"

So she complained to me very loudly, back in the waiting room, that she didn't know why she puts herself through this and she's not coming again unless there is a problem!!!! To which I cheerfully responded, "Works for me!" Meanwhile I'm listening to the nurse describe to another patient about the series of shots he was going to have to have in his eye! Ouch.

She finally got to see the doctor who found no major changes, which is very good. There is a small problem with one of the lenses they put in after her cataract surgery. He suggested that we make an appointment with the other doctor and he could do a laser procedure right in the office. I thought she was going to blow up but instead she just pretended not to have heard him.

Our next appointment isn't until August.


  1. Too funny...doesn't sound like a favorite outing of either of you!
    My mom lives an hour away but we're hoping she moves closer this year...she's almost 80. I think I'll be having my share of "fun" appointments in the near future. ;)

  2. Shots in the eye????
    That guy must not be living right. I cannot think of anything more disgusting!!

  3. gotta love them! lol My mom sometimes gives me a hard time like that but now that she's met Ross, he brings her to her appointments! hehe

  4. The elderly are a perfect example of the circle of life. People get older and act like kids all over again!:)

  5. I can't see the You Tube video right now, but that that still shot of Orville is enough to pierce anyone's soul.:)