Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tales From My Bus

This is what the cool middle school girl wears to school these days. She does not carry them to school and put them on there; they are on her feet when I pick her up, usually with socks. Then she complains to me when she has to get off in the afternoon and there is new snow!

Middle school boys are tough too! Conversation when we get to school:
"Joe, put your coat on!"
"I don't have a coat."
"You did when you got on. What happened to it?"
"It's in my backpack."
"It's not doing you any good there. Get it out and put it on!"
He raises his voice so his friends can hear him. "I don't need no coat to just walk from the bus into the school."
"Well suit yourself, but your Mom sent you wearing it so I guess I'll have to give her a call so she knows."
There followed some grumble noises and protests about it being "stupid," as he got it out and put it on.

Conversation with one of my middle school kids:
"If we have a one hour delay in the morning, what time will you pick me up?"
"What time do I normally pick you up?"
"About 7:00"
"OK, 7+1= what?"
"8 ..... OH, I get it!"

Kindergarten boy to kindergarten girl #1:
"I think kindergarten girl #2 looks better than you"
Kindergarten girl #1 starts crying inconsolably.

The air line to the service door went and we had to go back to the garage for a spare bus. I sent the kids to the spare bus, where a mechanic was waiting with them. I followed the last one on and was met with sheer chaos. Only a couple of kids had found their seats. Why? Because the spare bus' seats were numbered differently than our regular seats and it didn't occur to them to just count how many seats they sit from the front, they were searching for their numbers!

How's your week going?


  1. Lol that was too funny...I can just imagine the things you hear while driving the school bus! lol We live in Northern know how cold it gets here and how much snow we get...well, my son Corey always refused to wear long sleeve shirts or wear boots to go to school. It was running shoes and tshirts all winter long! Now that he's 25 he bundles up, not worrying if he looks cool or not! lol

  2. I see boys walking around outside in the frigid temps with shorts on and's crazy!
    Sounds like you get a glimpse of the workings of the mind at all different stages! :)