Monday, February 12, 2007

Count Down To Vacation

I'm sick of writing about the weather (and sick of dealing with it to!) Suffice to say that it snowed again today and we expect more tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that etc, etc. It has settled down some; school was on time today and the roads were good.

Winter break starts as soon as I get home on Friday! We're getting out of town. We love to travel and have been many places.

A week is not long enough for a trip to any of the foreign places on my list left to visit so we will be revisiting one of the states we've been to many times. There will be no snow and we've seen a couple of giant mice there. But it's a manatee that I hope to see.

How much of the world have you seen?


  1. The furthest I've been is Ontatio, Canada. I've also been to Barcelona in Spain, and Northern France and Belgium to see the World War One Battlefields and memorials.

  2. I've travelled across Australia 5 times by bicycle as well as a couple of times driving and a few times flying. There are still plenty of places in Australia I'd like to see.

    I spent a couple of weeks cycling in Canada back in 1992.

    I've visited Singapore once for a 10 day conference.

    I've been cycling in India a couple of times and can't wait to get back there.

  3. I've been to Ontario, Canada many times as it's so close and also Quebec, but I haven't been to any of the other provinces. I would love to travel across Canada by train.

    Australia and Europe are at the top of my wish list of places to explore. I'd love to visit Blockley, England where my great-grandfather was born.

    If I ever get to Asia I think I'd most like to see the Great Wall.

  4. Ooooh how lucky you are to be going away on vacation!! Take tons of pictures:-) I live in Ontario and I've been to Vancouver, BC twice and then a few years ago a friend and I drove to Atlantic City, NJ...what a trip! lol Apart from that, I've only travelled within Ontario and have been to Niagara Falls, NY quite a few times:-)

  5. I've not been many places... and the places I've been are in the United States.

    Hope you have a great vacation.

  6. Oh, I hope it's warm for you...Watch out for those mice

  7. Where do you hope to see a manatee? I live in Manatee County in Florida. We have a resident manatee at our South Florida Museum. He has never lived in the wild.