Wednesday, March 28, 2007

They're Back!

Bean has been walking everyday with Sprout. Today I joined them and Twig got to go for his first spring walk too. He loved it! We only went a mile and I was worn out. A winter spent sitting inside has left me out of shape!

Bean doesn't like me to post pictures of her and the kids but I did have the camera along and took this picture of these geese that winter over here.

On my way home I saw the first of the returning flocks of geese!

I realize that neither picture is very good. When I tried to get closer they moved away. But it was still exciting to see them!


  1. Apple, I am so glad to see winter is losing it's grip on ya!!
    Have you checked out Rosie's site? She likes to do her family's history and had a facinating post, today!!

  2. Those Canada geese were as common as sparrows in Illinois, and when large flocks took over ponds in city parks they were a menace!

    I never see them here - guess it's too hot for them!

    It sure is good to see winter unclenching its fist to let you escape, Apple!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose