Monday, May 14, 2007

Grandkids Weekend

Friday evening we went to the high school for the girls first dance recital. They were so cute! It was very hard to get any good pictures with my camera.

Saturday we went to Bean's for Twig's 1st Birthday party. The weather was wonderful and we spent the afternoon outside with all six grandkids!

Sunday John and I puttered about and watched a movie. BJ brought the boys over after he got out of work.


  1. She makes an adorable ballerina!
    Don't you love recitals for young children! :)

  2. How sweet she looks :) This brings back memories of when Kylie took ballet lessons. I made so many costumes, and it was always such fun watching the little girls on stage. Yes, they're very cute!
    Wasn't Sunday cold with that awful wind? I'm taking the day off to do some gardening. Hope we get some sunny periods between the showers. Wish we could share some of this rain with our Aussie friends. They're so desperate for it.

  3. Mom!!! My niece is wearing MAKEUP!!! I think we need to talk to them... And you can tell em I said so.