Friday, May 18, 2007

Was I Coming or Going?

The last few days have been a bit hectic - work, garden, meeting, repeat. The local Road-eo is tomorrow and the big Build the Bus fund raiser is only two weeks away so life is a bit work centered right now.

And when I haven't been working I've been gardening. I hope to be able to catch up with everyone early next week.


  1. We've all had weeks like that! Sometimes I feel like that is the story of my life lately!

  2. I think with a lot of us working on our gardens and such, blogging will kinda take a back seat! lol Good luck with the Roadeo tomorrow! xo

  3. I've been loving this weather. I think I have too many gardens though! It's a sad thing to be so obsessed! I need to quit working so I can keep up with the gardens and lawn! :)
    I really wanted a pink azalea like yours (it's gorgeous!) but we found the one we have on sale for half price in the fall of 2005, so we grabbed it.