Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thousand Islands

My sister, Country Girl, and I decided to head up to Alexandria Bay yesterday. We decided on the Castle tour. I really enjoyed Singer Castle, which was a guided tour. You couldn't see everything and the castle seemed smaller than we expected but it was neat to see all of the old furnishings. Our tour guide was a pleasant young lady and we learned quite a lot about the castle, it's secret passages, previous owners and bootlegging. The day started out beautifully sunny but the clouds moved in about the time we returned to the boat so it was a rainy trip onto Boldt Castle. We had recently had a guest speaker at our garden club that talked about all the work that has been done at Boldt Castle. We were very disappointed. The main floor and grand staircase have been restored but that was it. Not much was new to us as we'd both been before. The grounds didn't enthrall us as we'd expected but that may have been due to the weather. We felt bad for the bridal couple whose ceremony had to be moved indoors. With all of the tourists and weeding guests the place was mobbed. I have never seen the yacht house and the weather kept us from going over this trip too. Maybe next time. I took over 100 pictures of our day but I'll only subject you to 25 of them :)


  1. I went with my parents on the 1000 Island cruise tour when I was 13 years old and although our guide pointed out Boldt Castle to us, we didn't go on it. Your pictures are just lovely and one day I hope to make that trip again now that I'm older to appreciate it:-) I remember at that time asking my dad if there really was a thousand Islands and he said no, there were only 999 because one had sank...I believed him for a long time! LOL xox

  2. Well, I must say, that castle looks quite impressive! Too bad it wasn't as restored as was promised, but I think I'd like to see it at least once!

  3. The castle looks so much nicer on the outside, doesn't it? It's a real disappointment on the least I thought so in '88 when I visited with my mom and cousin who were over here visiting from Australia.
    Sound like you had a fun day.
    I'm not liking this dry weather. The gardens are so thirsty and the grass is so dry it's crunchy. I hope we get some decent rain tomorrow, even if it is the 4th and we're going to a picnic. I'm tired of watering...can't get much else done!
    Isn't it great to be on vacation??

  4. Gosh, I remember seeing Boldt Castle years ago with my family, let's see...more than 50 years ago! Do they still have the child's "playhouse"? I remember being amazed by that. Sorry the weather was so crummy, but a lovely spot to visit, nevertheless!

  5. I have wanted to go back to Boldt Castle for years. The last time I was there (probably the only time) was in 1982. Maybe when my dear darling asks what I'd like to do, I'll choose a Thousand Islands trip.