Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time Flies

Why do the days seem to pass so quickly when you're on vacation? I can't believe my three week vacation only has four days left! And I don't have much to show for the time off. I've spent time in the garden and it is coming along nicely. The two painting projects I have planned for the summer remain in the planning stages. I have done some scanning for a project I'll write more about later.

I took Mom to her eye doctor appointment today and I'm very glad I did. The doctor didn't see her until almost two hours after her scheduled appointment time. She told him that the vision in her left eye had been getting steadily worse. He looked and sure enough a film had developed on both eyes around her lens implants. No problem - he can fix that with the laser. I was picturing a trip to the outpatient surgery center sometime next month. It happens that just down the hall in another room is a laser. We were taken down there and before she had time to get too nervous he was done! Her vision was back to normal almost immediately. We spent some time this afternoon going through old photos that I ended up bringing home to scan.


  1. Sounds like you've had some productive time off. When my husband had his eye surgery in the fall they told him to watch for film on the implant. They also said it was an easy out patient laser treatment. Glad to hear that it went so smoothly for your Mom.

  2. We both spent time with our moms today:-) Glad to hear that your mom's eyes were taken care of right away!! My mom has cataracts and the doctor is just waiting for them to be "ready" before he operates. Oh yes, time does fly by fast when you're on vacation! lol xox

  3. Wow, that laser treatment went fast! Glad you got to spend some time with her and bring home some old photos.

    I'm on a sort of vacation right now, too...only it's because my husband and little girls are on a camping vacation and I have the house to myself for a few days! Last year, it was wonderful...this year, it's a little lonely but I'm getting lots done! :)

  4. Tat's great news about your Mum's doctor fixing her eyes so quickly (despite the wait for the actual appointment). That just wouldn't happen in this country.

    I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos :)

  5. I'm glad you took her too! She was a chatty lady when I stopped to visit last night. It's amazing how being able to see is such a pick me up. Sorry your vacation is going so fast. Having the summer off is a great perk about bus driving and here you are going back to work early!

  6. That must be so nice for your mom to be able to see clearly again. Ross will need cataract surgery in the not-too-distant future. I'll be happy for him when it's done. It's no fun when things are fuzzy, I'm sure. Meanwhile, I'm doing most of the driving.
    What a relief to have your mom's treatment done so fast and easily. Too bad about the long wait though. Sitting in waiting rooms is the pits!