Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Day Tomorrow

Another week has flown by. We started out the week with kids night. John played kick ball with them. Alex only wanted to play if he could be on the kicking team all the time and then got mad if they got him out.

So we went in to make pizza. They love to make it themselves and they got along better inside. After dinner they sat at the table and colored for a long time. Then of course we had to have popcorn and a movie.

The rest of the week was spent getting ready for our Safety Expo tomorrow. I put together a display board detailing what we have to go through just to get our license and the continued testing and education that goes with the job. I'll be posting some that here in the future. We had money donated to buy bikes to give away and John and I had to go out and pick them up. I think I have all of my ducks in a row and everybody is set for the morning. As soon as I finish my route this afternoon I'll be loading traffic cones, tables and other supplies on my bus so that I'll have less to do in the morning. Right now the weather forecast is not looking great. I hope that the rain clears out by 10AM so that we have a good turn out. I have the route closest to the school and my kids are really excited about it.

Kids get the Funniest Ideas!
We sent home fliers yesterday to remind parents about the event. On one bus there was a little girl who read Bike Drawing and got upset because she didn't know how to draw a bike so she thought she couldn't come. Another driver mentioned to her crew that she was making cupcakes for them. This upset one of her little ones who told her that she wouldn't be able to come now because her mother doesn't like cupcakes!

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  1. My grands love to make pizza too. Cute comment about the bike drawing!!