Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Indian

Thanksgiving was a bit sad for me this year. PJ and Jae have separated and we didn't see either of them or the girls. Jae spent time with her family and PJ, who is actually my step-son, spent the day with his mother. I will be seeing the girls more than ever now though. They will still be coming to our house one evening a week to play with their cousins and every morning Jae drops them off at the garage, rather than at a sitter's and they ride with me to school.

We did have a nice day though. We went out shopping early but not early enough as the things we wanted were already gone. Then we headed down to Mom's and got her shopping done for the week. It was hilarious to see the grocery store filled with men looking a little bit lost, hunting for those few, last minute items for dinner. We watched the Macy's parade and Mom and I got to talking about how the guys always have a great day eating and watching TV, the kids play and we get stuck cooking and doing dishes for two days.

We had dinner at Bean's. She has really turned into a wonderful cook. The only thing I made was banana bread. I felt felt like a bit of a slacker. Angie brought sweet potatoes, green been casserole, ham and rolls. But I figured I always do the dishes. Can't remember a family party where I didn't do the dishes unless my Tennessee nieces were present. I was shocked when after dinner my son-in-law did all of the dishes! It really was wonderful to just enjoy the day as a real bonafide slacker. My ex didn't even get on my nerves. (OK, maybe a little bit.)

Alex and Mike got haircuts and Alex is loving his mohawk and was our Thanksgiving Indian. I took lots of pictures but the rest have people in them that are blog shy.

Our trip home was uneventful this year. Mom and John didn't remember about last year's incident until I reminded them. The Ni-Mo building in Syracuse is already lit for Christmas and I got this not so great picture through the car window. The colors change to green and also a pink and purple combo.

Yesterday was our annual entombment day, the day where we cover all of our windows with plastic. We used a heavier plastic this year and we really can't see much out of the windows at all but with the cost of heating it really does help. So I decided to cheer myself up by playing Christmas music and putting up the tree. The new tree I bought last year was a snap as it doesn't come apart and I left the lights on it.

Mike and Alex came over to help. At first I only let them put on the non-breakables but they insisted that they'd be careful so they ended up doing the whole tree.

Their Masterpiece

I may do a bit or rearranging but it is cute how Alex bunched things together so that he'd remember which parts of the tree he did so maybe not. :)


  1. Glad you had a nice evening with the kids. How nice that you didn't have to cook the dinner. It's great when the kids start taking over the cooking a little.
    The tree looks great. The boys did a nice job :)
    Sorry for the sadness. It's heartbreaking when things like that happen. I'm so glad you'll still see the girls.

  2. The tree looks great! I'm glad you get the kids every week. What cool memories you are making with them!