Sunday, December 16, 2007

Memories in the Making

I've been participating in Advent Calendar hosted by Thomas at Destination: Austin Family. Today's topic was memories of Christmas at school. I came up blank. Reading what others wrote brought some memories back. It's amazing how a picture can jog our memories but when I was growing up film was expensive and we just didn't document things the way we do today.

Friday was the kindergarten concert at school. I had to take my secondary kids home at that time so I missed it but John was there and got some pictures of one of our favorite kindergarteners as did her parents. Will these pictures help jog Liz's memory at some time in the future? Will she remember why she had her arms crossed like this 40 years from now? I'm betting when I ask her tomorrow she will have already forgotten! LOL

There would be a whole series of pictures here but many of my other students were also in the pictures. There will be dozens of pictures for her to look back on someday.


  1. Are you snowed in yet?

  2. Hi Martha,

    John was out earlier with the snowblower to get rid of the sleet, about 5". He just came in and thinks there's another 3-4" of snow that he'll work on later so I can get out in the morning if we don't get a lot overnight. My son says the roads are still terrible and he's got 18-24" drifts in his driveway over in Hastings.

    I hope you didn't get anymore than we did!