Saturday, February 09, 2008

123 MEME

Mrs. Mecomber at New York Renovator has tagged me for the 123 MEME.
Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
Open the book to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people.

The newest book is Plum Lucky, by Janet Evanovich. Mom lent it to me but I haven't started it yet. I'll probably read it this afternoon.
I got clean clothes, locked myself in the bathroom, and stepped into the shower. When I got out I felt reenergized.

"I got an idea while you were in the shower," Diesel said.

I tag anyone with a book nearby!

There really hasn't been much going on here of late. The weather can't decide what it wants to do. My middle school boys have me pulling my hair out - and I don't have enough left that I can afford to loose any! I've ordered some stargazer lilies and I've been looking through last year's garden pictures but it is still to early to reopen My Sister's Garden, I think. Most of my time has been spent on genealogy. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to write about soon. The winter blues certainly have a grip on me right now.


  1. This was the most fun meme I have done...although since my computer is next to a bookcase it was a little hard to decide which one was closest. My younger daughter and I both like Janet Evanovich too.

  2. Funny that you say you ordered some stargazer lilies. I was cleaning out my collection of catalogs yesterday and kept stopping to paruse the gardening ones. I am getting anxious for spring! I almost have Ron convinced to get DSL. If we do blogging will be so much easier!

  3. threecollie,
    I love Janet Evanovich! Her book ahppen to be right on the table or I might have been stuck with a dry history tome.

    Hey sis,
    I can't believe you and Ron still don't have DSL! We'll work out something.

  4. Glad you liked the meme! I liked it, too-- nice and easy.

    OOO stargazers! My mind is on gardens these days, too... still too early, though.

  5. So what was Diesel's idea? :) Fun meme. I'm reading 'Four Tenths of an Acre - Reflections on a gardening Life' of my Christmas presents from Kylie, so I looked at p.123 and read the required sentences...nothing terribly exciting :)
    The weather decided what it wanted to do miserable!
    Those Stargazer lilies are something to look forward to! It'll be great if CG does get DSL!!

  6. Can't help you with this one, Apple! The only books near the computer are notebooks full of census transcriptions and a name index - all the juicy mysteries are in another room.

    Casa Blancas were my favorite oriental lilies in Illinois - maybe I'll give them a try again here.

    I'm sorry winter has you blue, Apple.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. I must confess the Apple of my eye
    Is not Macoun, nor yet a Northern Spy,
    But she who's tree I often wander by,
    It's clear she's given family roots and wings,
    And though it's she to others praises sings,
    There beats a noble heart, let none deny!