Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Week Before Vacation

Last Monday we used our 2nd snow day. A fresh 2 1/2 feet. We still have three snow days left so we're in good shape. I'd personally like to take them at Memorial day weekend!

Tuesday was cold. My bus did not want to start. When it gets that cold the bus fumes don't dissipate well and we have to idle them longer. This combination gave me a diesel headache. I took Mom to the doctor. I may blog about that later but for now I'll just say that it was a very frustrating day! Liz was sick so we only had three for kids night this week. They were good but got annoyed with me when I wouldn't let them play computer games.

Wednesday we were delayed two hours for ice. I'd rather have snow. The driving was tricky and the kids were wound up so my diesel headache morphed into a stress headache, which lasted all week. The scene at the funeral home left me depressed for the rest of the week.

Thursday brought more snow. Not huge totals but the roads were again very slick. Two of my little people couldn't get along so I had that to sort out and calls to the school to deal with.

Yesterday I decided I needed a pick-me-up so I went shopping. I got some great clearance deals and the throw pillows I've had my eyes on for awhile. What is that about buying something you don't need that makes you feel so good?

The sun finally came out today. My headache is almost gone. Vacation has officially begun!


  1. No wonder you call it Snowville! It may not be as bad as last year but you still have plenty!
    Shopping and sunshine...just the therapy we need!
    Have a great week's vacation Apple. I hope your headache stays away!

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  3. I love your winter photos. They are hauntingly beautiful. Wish it would quit with the twice a week storms though. Seems like it has been a long winter and I sure don't envy you having to drive in it every day.

  4. The headache is at least manageable now! I expect it will be gone by tomorrow - at least I hope so, I'm really looking forward to my day with Mike.

    The snow is beautiful. Driving in it never bothered me much until last year. I do worry more in my car than in the bus.

    With the warm up I'm watching the snow banks shrink but the driveway has turned to an ice sheet!

  5. I am so glad I'm not the only one that worries more driving their car than driving their bus! It's been bitter cold again here today.

    Hope your headache is gone. Enjoy your vacation! We get Friday off and I just scheduled an eye exam. Yikes.