Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Birthday - Circus - Birthday - Birthday

Boy, was last week a busy week! The kids were here on Monday and since it was Nikki's birthday week we had a small celebration. I couldn't find any birthday candles so we had to improvise.

On Tuesday Alex was in the kindergarten musical Circus, Circus. They sang and he bounced and swayed the entire time.

Every circus needs a candy vendor. He did a good job and the production was cute.

Wednesday Nikki had her party at the mall. This time there were two cakes and presents! It's hard to believe that she is 8 already - 8 going on 12!

They have indoor mini golf at the mall and the kids had a great time. I have to say that I enjoyed it more than the roller rink - I didn't fall down once. Some of the kids at the party ride my bus and weren't quite sure what to make of me outside of work.

Sunday found us helping Twig celebrate his second birthday. Bean doesn't like me to share pictures of her kids but how can I resist. He's the baby and is getting so big.

It wasn't warm enough for the waterslide but that didn't stop the kids. It was just as much fun to bounce down without water. Mike and Alex were there with us because BJ and Angie both had to work. Of course they didn't bring a change of clothes. There was just enough water ponded at the bottom for them to both get soaked.
Any spare time I had last week was spent in the garden. I hurt my back picking up Twig on Sunday so I haven't accomplished much since then.

The girls are getting ready for a short vacation so we didn't have kids night this week. Maybe they'll all be able to come late next week.


  1. Happy birthday to both Nikki and Twig (such a cute nickname for a little cutie). I can just imagine Alex bouncing and swaying in the kindergarten musical, and he makes a great candy vendor :)
    You have very cute grandkids...but of course you know that (big smile).
    Busy is right! I've hardly stopped for breath lately it seems, and blog reading time is very hard to find!
    I think your improvized candle is neat :)
    I have loads of plants to thin!!!! LOL

  2. What fun. Time is flying past - glad you are enjoying the grandkids.

    Hope your bus route settles down some. Glad you were able to get a couple of the little ones off and that it's helped some.

    Have a great day.

  3. It sounds like it was a fun week though. Summer is almost here and you will have some time to relax!