Friday, July 18, 2008

Back to Work

My summer vacation was cut short today. They needed a substitute monitor so I filled in. Next week I will go back to driving but only an easy, Monday - Thursday morning route, so my afternoons will still be free.

I've been enjoying my time outside. I have another couple of books read. And I actually have started on some of the summer projects that I wanted to get done. The back steps are painted as are the clothesline poles. I thought I start with little things :-)


  1. I'm glad you are getting a few things done. Even if they are small ones, they are off the list! You still have quiet a bit of summer left to do some more. Your gardens look great!

  2. I love your new look here! Very attractive

  3. ThreeCollie - Thanks!

    CG - They are off the list but the things that have been on it for 3+ years remain :(

  4. That was a pretty short vacation! Glad you're still finding time to do things that need to be done and having some fun time as well!

  5. Apple, we were disappointed to hear your vacation has been cut short. Glad you're managing to get a few things done though. It seems to be slow going here.
    This morning is a soggy me a little time to visit blog friends.
    Enjoy your afternoons and your garden!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. We took a trip to the lily farm :)

  6. Nice template! Very clean-looking.

    Aw, your summer is over already? I guess this hasn't been a very relaxing summer for me, either. But why are you back to work? Summer school?

    Enjoy what you can! :)