Saturday, August 16, 2008

Will it Ever Stop?!

I am so incredibly sick and tired of rain. I got up this morning, saw the sun and put my shorts on thinking to get out while the getting was good. Right about the time I finished dressing it started raining - even though the sun was still out. Then the sun went away and it poured. It rained off and on all morning. I finally got out and cut a few things in the garden and staked a couple of others but it felt both muggy and cold at the same time. It's mid August and dang it, it should be hot! I have two weeks off and I want summer weather!

So I spent the day on the computer. I transcribed some more letters and spent a couple of hours hunting down census records.

Yesterday was our NYS mandated refresher at work and it was not the most interesting one I have ever attended. The topic was pre-trip and post-trip inspections which most of our drivers do very well. We did spend some time going over accidents that had made the news around the country. A good exercise to get us thinking for the start of the year. I have to get in and set up my bus and photocopy the stack of paper I'll need the first week. I may put it off until after Labor Day but then I'll be competing with everyone else for copier time.

John took Mike to the last session at the museum. Nikki was camping and didn't go. All the kids seemed to enjoy the program so I hope I can sign them up for it again next year. Alex and Liz made good use of the dress up box and they really loved the old switchboard and phones.


  1. Wish I could send you some CA sunshine as it's been quite warm here (trade you for some rain!)
    Love the cute pics


  2. This rain is too much isn't it? I can't seem to ever get in the garden without worrying about touching wet plants....and no ripe tomatoes yet.

  3. Susie,
    I'd love to share some of this rain with you.

    My garden isn't looking good, too many yellow leaves and rust. My cherry tomatoes are doing ok but the others show no sign of ripening :(

  4. UGH I hear ya with the rain. I got some concrete to finish our garden walkway... but can't find a half a day that's rainfree to make it!! Grrrrr

  5. I have grape tomatoes ripening but no big ones yet. It's been a bumper corn crop though. We've been giving it away by the bagful to the neighbors and everyone at church. Ross is thinking of setting up a stand and selling it.
    That's such a cute photo of the kids :)
    Yes, the rain is very frustrating. I've done the same thing...been all ready to go out and work on a garden only to have yet another rain shower. Enough already!

  6. I can so totally understand being sick of the rain. On the other hand...we haven't had much lately. That's good for the house building, not so good for gardens and crops.

    Lucky you still being off until after Labor Day! We've been in almost a week already.

    Have a great day.