Sunday, October 26, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

I definitely was not laughing on Thursday. The reason for waiting for fall was to protect the garden that surrounds the house. I was heartbroken to look outside and see part of the azalea that Bean gave me when I first started gardening in the trash trailer.

It does look like it will recover and I suppose I should feel lucky that it is the only plant that was severely damaged.

The windows were installed that day and it was quite chilly to have the house wide open. Between the rain and cold both Tuesday & Wednesday I was chilled and just could not warm up. I sat at the kitchen table and worked on the thank you letters all morning. (The flash on the camera refused to work that day too.)

So I was already in a foul mood when I left for work. The car that had just been inspected the day before started making a strange noise whenever I turned the wheel. So after work I headed into the city instead of home and ran into traffic gridlock. They have a big paving project going on and traffic was backed up half a mile or more back from where the highway ends. My 10 minute trip took 25. My mechanic had one of his guys look at it and told me the power steering line had blown. Nice guy that he is he said, "This one's on me." If he's giving me free work I have to believe that his guy did something wrong the day before. (In fairness to my mechanic, I have never had any problems with him, he charges reasonable prices and does good work.)

Friday went by without anything awful happening. I did have a spare bus that is uncomfortable for me to drive but that really wasn't a big deal. I got my letter confirming my surgery date and the contractor finished up and actually did a good job cleaning up.

The new windows and look wonderful! I can already feel the difference - no drafts!

Saturday I was painting the trim and friends called to say they wanted to come out and see the new car and siding. I was cranky (big surprise, I know) because I have the trim on 10 windows to get done this weekend.

I am so glad they came! Very little painting got done but we sat around playing cards with much laughter. And once I started laughing I started to feel good for the first time in a couple of weeks. I think laughter is what finally chased Mr. Murphy away.

I will get some more painting done today, but it won't all get done. The sun is out and I have some things outside I'd like to do and the last scanfest of the year is today so even though my scanner is packed away until the painting gets done I hope to be able to chat for awhile.


  1. Your poor azalea! Mine seems pretty hardy and comes back even when we have our rare frosts. Hopefully yours will too.
    I know you'll love your new windows. Ours made such a difference in our heating bills and also the noise level from outside was less.
    Glad you had some fun time with your friends. Laughter is always good :)

  2. Laughter is definitely good medicine. Hope this coming week goes better.

  3. Oh Apple, your poor Azalea! Workmen can be very hard on plants.
    I'm so glad your new windows were in before this nasty storm hit. It made a huge difference when we put storms on our windows a few years ago.
    Our school was open today but the surrounding schools were closed. We lost power for about 30 hrs. Just got it back about 6:30 tonight. We're so lucky to have a generator, but can't run it all night. It was a night to snuggle! We also just got the Internet back. The phones are still not working right...we can only call locally.
    How badly did you get hit?
    It's too early for this!