Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to work and off again

My return to work was tough. Friday they closed early because of snow. The snow continued over the weekend and then we closed on Monday when I was supposed to return. When I got there Tuesday morning the guys had it unlocked and started it for me but they hadn't gotten back to clear the snow, which was half way up the windshield. I waded through thigh high snow and grabbed my broom and started trying to clear it. I didn't get much cleared before one of the guys came along with a much larger broom and started helping me. He got called away to help another driver get theirs out of the drift. He came back and we finished and I seriously thought about asking him to pull mine out for me too! But I managed to pull free and I missed the bus next to me by at least 1/2 an inch. I had been nervous about returning when it had been so long since I had any bad weather driving so that was a confidence booster. I had a student spot for me as I backed into the sea of white in the woods. I don't know where the town guys moved all of the snow to but they did a great job of clearing it out for me.

On my secondary route I got one "welcome back!" and one "oh, crap", otherwise it was as if I hadn't been out for six weeks. There was some rude talk that I wasn't happy with but with just the one day I decided to let it go until after vacation.

My elementary kids are the best! Several of them gave me hugs as they got on and told me how much they'd missed me. And I assured them that I'd missed them too. It was a wonderful surprise, hugs are rare and usually happen at school.

My car-pooler forgot that the motor in the car window is broken and I forgot to remind her. Hopefully it won't be snowing in the morning when I take it in to be fixed.

We went to my sister's Christmas Eve to visit, play steal bingo and visit. Mom will be staying there through the weekend. There kerosene company let them run out so it was a cold morning there. They had a service truck out there quickly but it took them three hours to get the furnace going again. brrrr! Yesterday John and I had a quiet day by ourselves and checked in with everyone by phone.

John got me a new external hard drive so I backed up a few things and then did a few other things. When I went to use my computer again I got the blue screen of death :( We'll play with it some more tomorrow but I think the motherboard is gone. It's still under warranty but I hate the idea of starting all over - again. Why can't they make a motherboard that I can't kill in less than two years?


  1. Apple, I both look forward to and dread going back to work. It still takes me twice as long to get ready in the morning (shower, dress, groom) and I while I did some driving before the snow hit, I am very nervous about driving on it now as it will definitely require two hands. I am worried I might have to do some tight quick turns to navigate on these awful roads, and I know I won't be able to do it without injuring my shoulder. Taking city buses to and from work aren't an option; they've been running so late and people are terrible around here about keeping their sidewalks clear, so even getting to a bus stop is nigh impossible.

    I also know that I will be simply exhausted my first few weeks back. But I miss my co-workers and of course, the kids!

    Good luck to you when you return to work again after the holidays!

  2. Apple, I hope things will be smooth from now on at work.

    As for the motherboard, ICK. I hate having computer problems. I have 3 backups of everything all the time, I'm so nervous. But I take a risk every time I take the laptop out on a road trip and do a lot of updates. I guess I should be backing those up, too...

  3. Hi Apple!

    I nominated you for the Proximidate Award! Please go to for more information!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. The kid that said, "oh crap" cracked me up! The party's over!

  5. We've sure had our share of snow this December! Ross and I chuckled about your 'oh crap' greeting. From one of the rude talkers perhaps? ;)
    I do hope your computer problem turned out not to be the motherboard and is fixed by now. What a sinking feeling that causes!
    We enjoyed our quiet Christmas day...and then a couple of noisier and more chaotic ones with the kids here. It was fun :)
    Hope you and John had a lovely Christmas too.
    60ยบ here today. Quite a change!