Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching Up

I was spoiled by the guys at work last week, they started my bus for me three days in a row. The temperatures never did get as cold as they were calling for but it was still plenty cold! I'm hoping we don't see temperatures that cold again for the rest of the winter.

They were calling for us to get 1-2' of snow Thursday into Friday but it stayed north of us. Starting just 5 short miles to the north they got hammered. The dentist had rescheduled my appointment from Wednesday to Friday. I started for Oswego after work, got about half way there and turned around and rescheduled again! I'm not a winter driving wimp but when the truck in front of me and the car behind me both disappeared I figured it a wise decision.

Friday turned out to be my lucky day! I won the raffle for this throw. If you look carefully you can see how far the snow is piled outside the window - we don't need anymore but there are two more months to go. (A lot of what you see is what has been raked off of the roof.)

We've decided to try and get to Mom's on Monday's and Friday's but with the dentist appt. (that I didn't get to!) we ended up going on Saturday. We got her take out from an Italian restaurant she likes. She was a bit more relaxed and seemed more "herself" than she had the last few weeks. We didn't get there today because of the holiday so we will go tomorrow. This is what the deer have done to her shrub.

Because there was no school we had the kids in the afternoon today. The idea is that they have a chance to play together. John's been working on fixing up some old computers so he had one for each of them and they were thrilled. Maybe we'll play a board game next week.

I was beat at the end of last week but the foot is finally not hurting much at all. I pulled a chest muscle on Sunday but it is a lot better today. How do you pull a chest muscle!? I have no idea what I did. Hopefully there won't be much snow to clear in the morning.


  1. Glad your foot is better. Hope you don't get another flake of snow.

    We have some old board games here from when our children were small. A favorite of my "little" grandchildren is Life. They have enjoyed it so much, we bought one for them at Christmas. But the new game looked a lot different than the old one. I hope it is the same when they start playing.

    All of this reminds me of playing Parchessi with my Sweetie (what I called my grandma).

  2. 8" overnight, but it is the real light, fluffy stuff.

    We have all the games from when our kids were young plus some new ones. They'll play Sorry! now and then but mostly they want video games. It's nice that you remember a game with your grandmother. John has wonderful memories of playing cards with his uncles. In my family the adults didn't play with the kids at all.

  3. Apple, could you have pulled a chest muscle shoveling? Aack! I hope no more snow comes your way. We had a couple of dustings in the last week or so, but still we've got piles and piles of frozen gray and brown yuck everywhere you look, with no sign of thaw. I want some warm blue skies! :-(

  4. Hi Miriam - I didn't do anything and that's what makes it so frustrating. John does almost all of the shoveling so I am very lucky there!

    I hope you get some nice days soon but that things melt slowly. The piles of yuck here are getting difficult to walk on and see around.

  5. We have huge snowbanks all over the place too. The kids at school had a great time at recess with the big piles and the fluffy snow last week. Friday was an inside day though, with those -4ยบ wind chills.
    Glad your foot is feeling better. That must be a huge relief.
    That's really wierd about the chest muscle. I hope that's better by now.
    I'm chuckling at the kids sitting at the computers :) Yes, maybe a board game next week :) Our 2 little guys love to play board games.