Sunday, January 04, 2009

Do You Hulu?

We have basic cable, basic being about 10 channels and we rarely rent movies. So I was quite pleased to discover Hulu. They have full length movies, episodes of various shows and clips from other shows. They stream them to your computer in short segments so you will need a high speed internet connection. A whole lot of what they I have I can certainly live the rest of my lifetime without ever viewing but they have some things that I'm happy to be able to see. The movies do have commercials but they seem to be shorter than those on TV. Over vacation I watched A River Runs Through It and there was only one small section where the feed seemed to bunch up.

You can also use the embed feature to place things on your blog. I think this is quite funny. Enjoy!


  1. We don't have even basic cable, Apple so we had to buy converters. Luckily it was Philo, not me, doing the work - that could look an awful lot like your embedded video.

    Between Hulu & Netflix we don't miss cable too much. We use Hulu to catch missed episodes from shows like House,MD and 30Rock and are enjoying not only the mailed Netflix movies but lots of classic, popular and even some indie movies on instant watch.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. It is funny, Apple. Thanks for the laugh :) We don't have cable here in the sticks. Still trying to decide whether or not to buy the converter. We hardly watch TV anymore since the idiot reality shows took over, and only one channel comes in well enough to bother with. Hulu looks interesting. Thanks for sharing the info about it.
    It was pretty warm today. We worked outside and breathed some fresh air for a little while. It felt good!
    Happy New Year to you and John! (don't remember if I've said that already). I hope the weather stays good for bus least for a while!