Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mid-Winter Snow-blogging

I'm tired of winter and I think almost everyone else is too. We added another foot to our pile yesterday. It's warm today so the piles should shrink just a little. For anyone that doesn't know what lake effect is I've explained it here. There was no January thaw this year and unless we start melting some of what we have soon our rivers and streams will be flooding again this spring. Although we live high and dry on a hill, Bean's house is river front so I am very concerned.

Lake effect yesterday morning.
Can you spot John?

The sun did come out for awhile in the afternoon.
John's still working on it.

Today's view from the street.
Another gray day, but it's not snowing.

The snow from the roof is really piling up.
I've stopped opening the draperies.

You can still tell there is a garden here

The pile in the center is well over my head.

"Back door guests I like the best"
The paths are clear and don't feel like tunnels yet,
so come on in and have a cup of hot chocolate!


  1. Hasn't this winter just been a misery! We were really looking for a thaw in January, but nothing here either. And you get a lot more lake effect that we do....hope spring is early!

  2. Our winter has felt just like spring. Guess there's really no "happy medium" to the US weather is there!
    Stay warm and cozy!

  3. It makes me feel cold just looking at all that snow. I'llbe so happy for you when you really get SPRING!

    Becky Jamison

  4. Snow cover is all very well, but I am concerned about what happens when all this melts too. I don't know about you guys, but we're supposed to get even more this week.

  5. Wow, you have way more than us and there is more on it's way! Maybe you should get one of those orange flags to tie to John to keep track of him out there.

  6. Marianne - I whine about having to work in it but you guys really amaze me. No days off for you and you get a lot more mixed yucky stuff than we do.

    Susie - Your part of the county always looks beautiful. I hope you get some rain soon!

    Becky - I would think Colorado would be cold and snowy too. Spring should arrive here right on time, about mid April :(

    Elizabeth - They've backed off on the forecast here but it looks like you guys could get hit off of Ontario before the winds set up off of Erie. I think the flooding could be very bad state wide this year.

    Sis - If I'm going to put a flag on him they'd better be orange. It's not fair that you live so close to lake but get less! Have you heard from anyone in Richland or Orwell? I bet they're good and buried.

  7. I think I can just barely see John's head above that snow bank! You have more than us too. Our kids are loving the huge snow hills and banks in the playground, and they're snowshoeing for gym. The plow guys are wondering where to put the next lot of snow!
    Apple, please pass my thanks on to John for his nice comments. I appreciate him keeping track of my posts :) Glad you get some IDs and such from my pics. The woodys give me some great opportunities.
    It's sunny and bright out today, but pretty frigid out in the wind. I'm enjoying a day off. Sigh of relief....Love those littlies, but they wear me out :)