Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Ann was released from the hospital Wednesday and yesterday John took her back to her GP. She is doing much better. I had a fairly quiet day at work. Sally didn't go to school, her mother was taking her to the doctor but she was out with the other kids in the morning and she looked ok. B had a class for job #2 so the boys were here for dinner and we had a pleasant evening with them, watching some silly cartoon movie.

Today was mostly an ugly day but for me, the best day of the week! I always wave to the drivers that have to stop for me and mouth the words "thank you". Usually about half of them wave back. This morning every single one waved back!!! All of the kids were out and ready and most of them said good morning. I picked up a little craft kit for the Nikki and Liz and gave it to them just before we left on the route and they both said, "Grandma, you're the best!" Most mornings they will barely talk to me. Sally was back and has pictures of her xray. I'm very relieved that she's going to be fine.

We went down to Syracuse to see Mom today and I took a walk around the yard. Here is one of her clumps of daffodils.

Out back she has a few snowdrops blooming! We are usually 2-3 weeks behind her so I'm hopefull I'll have something here soon.

The temperatures here got into the 50's - it's still is the 50's! Let the melting begin. By the end of the weekend we may no longer need ice skates to get across the driveway :-)


  1. I've seen a few flowers poking there heads up around here too. I love it!

  2. Yay for the little snowdrops! Are your mom's daffs blooming yet? I have a few buds about to pop. They're a few days earlier than last year.
    Wasn't Thursday beautiful? I worked but got a bit of clean-up done in the afternoon. Apparently, judging by today's miserable weather, we're only going to be allowed tiny tastes of spring at a time. My poor little crocuses are looking pretty bedraggled. How neat that ours bloomed together. I'm glad to hear they're cheering you up :)
    Hope all your snow is gone by now. I can still see a little over in the hedgerow.
    Please tell John thanks for his comments. I always enjoy hearing from him. And you too, of course! :) I hope we can get together this summer.