Sunday, February 14, 2010


We got held up in in Statesville, NC by the snow storm on Friday but still made it to Orlando late yesterday afternoon. It's cool here but much warmer than back in Snowville! And the sunshine has made me feel better already.

John's brother is also down here for the Daytona 500 so we decided to get together for dinner last night. We agreed on a restaurant that is only a few miles from our resort. This time we are staying way too close to the land of the mouse. It took 35 minutes to get 3/4 of a mile! Once we got past that area traffic moved along and we had a very nice dinner.

Our condo at the resort is very nice. The pool is heated and huge. Maybe tomorrow it will be warm enough to use the hot tub ;-). We did spend some time today exploring alternate routes in and out of the resort!

This afternoon we're at John's sister's and they are all watching the SU game. His brother will be here after the race and we'll have another nice dinner with family.

Not certain how we'll spend the rest of the week but I'll be soaking up all of the sunshine that I can!


  1. Apple, you lucky duck! Glad you were able to get out of the frozen northeast for a nice break. Soak up some of that sunshine for us please. We've had a humdinger of a snowstorm today. I guess our turn had to come since we skated during those big storms that have stayed south of us for the past several weeks. I hope it wasn't too bad for you driving through that one in NC. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

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