Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Home Again

After a month spent between the hospital and Loretto, Mom was finally able to go home last week. She was supposed to go home on Tuesday but a cold dropped her oxygen level so she ended up staying until Thursday and promising to use her oxygen during the day, which she never used to do.

The social worker at Loretto was able to set her up with home care services including a visiting nurse, a home health aid, and physical therapy. Granted, this woman does this all the time and knows how things work and Mom was gravely ill for awhile, but maybe if Mom had had some of these services before she wouldn't have ended up in the hospital to begin with. Her doctor has known how we've been struggling but because I could physically get her to his office he would not declare her home bound.

Anyway.... My brother flew in on Thursday and stayed with Mom until yesterday, which was wonderful for Mom and it was good to have someone there while she met with all the new people that will be coming. He drove out here and he and I had a nice visit on Saturday. We usually only see each other for a few hours every few years with both our families all together so it was nice to visit and catch up one to one.

Mom's only insurance is Medicare and that will only pay for all of the people she has coming to the house for just so long so we need a long term plan. My brother and sister went to an open house for PACE on Sunday. I had already called about the program and liked what I heard. They were both very impressed with what they saw and heard. The biggest draw back for Mom is that she would have to give up her doctor. (I personally would be happy to have her switch.) On the up side, they will manage and coordinate all of her care including help at home, doctor visits - including transportation, physical therapy, prescriptions and medical equipment. As an added bonus, she will be required to go to the day center at least once a month. She hates to go out but I know it's good for her and hope she'll go at least once a week and maybe make some friends.

So we have many decisions to make this month and I see more changes ahead for Mom. I'm really hoping that PACE will be the answer to keeping her in her home for as long as possible.


  1. I looked at the PACE program, and it does look good for your mother's situation. I wish there had been something like this here when my Mom needed it. I hope she will agree to participate and things will go smoothly.

    I also hope you are feeling and doing better yourself.

  2. Wow...You have been through a lot. Hope things settle down soon. And that you get your mom situated with good care that fits her needs.

    Keep the leg up!

  3. Goodness, you've certainly been on a roller coaster ride lately, Apple! So sorry to hear you've had such awful pain with the post op recovery. I hope you're feeling better now.
    That PACE program sounds like a good solution for your mom. I'm glad she's home again and doing better. How nice for you all to have your brother there for a while.
    I hope your spring flowers have been cheering you up. Isn't it wonderful to see colors and feel warmth again? The predicted 81ยบ is going to make today feel like summer! If I was closer I'd be very happy to pull weeds for you :) I hope it won't be long before you're able to get back to digging in the dirt. I'm sure John is happy to look after elevate that leg and take care of yourself. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers. xox

  4. I'm glad that your Mom is back home. I'm sure you'll all find a solution that works for her and for both you girls! Meanwhile, how is the foot? You didn't even mention it! Are you bored silly, or enjoying your life of leisure? LOL.